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4020 Quantum-entangled DC Battery Economic Development

I can only speak on and about my technology, which is 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology. I designed this technology to end Global Warming, but Global Warming is a layered process of elimination, and the elimination is the energy markets controlled by the fossil fuel industry. Therefore, logic dictates that the only way to end Global Warming is to eliminate the cause, and then you will solve the problem. Thus, the fossil fuel industry is the prime cause of Global Warming; no matter what you are told, they produce over 80% of the environmental conditions for Global Warming effects. Therefore, I designed battery technology to surpass the fossil fuel industry's technology using pre-41st-century technology. I know that is a bold statement to claim that your technology is pre-41st-century technology, but I base this on the current battery technology and the direction that I see it heading, I think I can say that almost to be fact.

What I see is the chemical makeup changing to create a more energy density battery, but that energy density will never reach 100%. Before I can attack the fossil fuel industry, I have to get the current electrochemical reaction battery technology out of the way. There are 50 million known chemicals so far on this planet, and all batteries are only possible because of their chemical makeup. So, with 50 million chemicals, it can create over 300 billion chemical combinations that would take this type of battery technology to the 41st-century before all 300 billion chemical combinations would be used just to reach 100% energy density, which can't be accomplished using electrochemical reaction battery technology. And maybe by that time, someone else may discover my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology.

And since battery technology is energy-dependent, they (all current battery technologies) can never be our primary energy provider. Therefore, any energy-producing technology that can't stand alone is redundant. My 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology uses quantum physics technology to create electricity that is currently beyond the scientific community's understanding. At least that is what my research tells me, or it would have already been discovered since it might be the final stage in battery evolution. With the current electrochemical reaction battery technology, self-sustaining (autonomous) battery technology is incomprehensible and can never be achieved using electrochemical technology. 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technologies are the economic development of the future, and as everyone should know, the future always starts tomorrow.

I designed my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology to replace fossil fuel as our primary energy provider physically. And to make this possible, I will have to take my battery technologies to each energy market, and that is why I designed my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technologies to accommodate each of the known energy markets and the new energy markets yet to be created. My goal is to end Global Warming while creating economic development since I can't make one without making the other. Since 2010 I haven't seen, heard, or read any feasible plans to end Global Warming; my battery technology was initially designed to end our dependency on fossil fuel. But while developing my battery technology, it showed itself to be so much more, and its versatility to fit any electricity-dependent application. So, I can't speak on or about anyone else's product and technology.

However, my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery microgrids, besides having to be manufactured in all 50 states, but will be necessary to even to break down manufacturing even more so it will encompass all the counties, parishes, boroughs, and the 14 territories of the US, which total 3,144 manufacturing facilities. My 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery microgrids are my first line of attack on the fossil fuel industry. As you can see from my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology list below, these are the technologies I have designed to fight and end Global Warming. As the list shows from 0ne to Eight, this is how my plan will progress, starting with the fossil fuel industry's cash flow. From my observation, their number one cash flow is their monthly influx for 222.1 million customers' gas and electric bills. Cutting them off to their customer base goes against their bottom line to make profits for their shareholders.

1).4020 Quantum-entangled DC battery technology                                                                                     

2). 4020 Quantum-entangled DC battery microgrids for homes & businesses

3). 4020 Quantum-entangled DC battery XFCS (Extreme Fast Charging Stations)

4). 4020 Quantum-entangled DC battery XFCS Plug-ins

5). EVs powered by 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology

6). Quantum-entangled DC batteries are electrifying the aviation industry

7). 4020 Quantum-entangled DC battery storage units

8). National Grid replaced by 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery microgrids

My eight 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technologies together are designed to end Global Warming and to create eight new energy markets. All (8) of these energy markets can produce over 2 million careers and job opportunities separately in all over 16 million jobs, but this is to end Global Warming. Moreover, of the 3.144 combinations of counties, parishes, boroughs, and our 14 territories, Earth Batteries LLC will bring economic development to all 3,144 counties, and no other current technology has had the power to bring economic growth at a scale of this magnitude. I say over 80% of people above the age of 50 don't believe they can do anything to solve our Global Warming crisis, but I'm here to tell everyone that everybody has a role to play when it comes to ending Global Warming. Achieving the most significant and mind-altering concept to fighting and ending global warming is simply changing one's energy provider.

Just not using fossil fuels to power your homes and small businesses put a severe strain on the fossil fuel industry processing. Disrupting the fossil fuel industry's monthly infusion of cash will affect their other energy markets and each of those market's bottom lines in those other energy markets. My Crowdfunding campaign on this website is directed at my 4020 quantum-entangled DC batteries and my 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery microgrids for homes and small businesses. These will cut the fossil fuel industry's monthly cash infusion, and it will start slowly, but by using social media, words about this battery technology will spread faster than the blink of an eye, and the incentives being offered, I believe will be enough for them (the customers) to discard their current energy provider and immediately seek out the savings that my technologies will create.

The incentives that I will be offering are a 20% savings on anyone's monthly energy (electric) bill, but save even more by just switching over to all-electric when it comes to heating and cooling your homes and powering your entire home and small business with electricity. 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technologies will create new energy markets, make the US 100% energy independent. Moreover, 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology will transform our 21st-century technology into 41st-century based solely on the concept of infinite energy or self-sustaining (autonomous) battery technology. By creating a new unknown energy-producing technology before the entire world comes to know of it will allow the US the opportunity to take full advantage of this battery technology.

State Energy (Electric) Rates A + B

Practically everything that can't be done using lithium-ion batteries will be accomplished with 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technology, which will redefine the entire meaning of what a battery is because it should be more than a place to store energy. Currently, the fossil fuel industry controls the following energy markets, and they want to influence future energy markets of both the electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and the energy storage industry : 

1). All battery technologies using the current battery technologies that will need to be charged. Included in these batteries are electric vehicle batteries.

2). The electric vehicle charging station infrastructure.

3). The fossil fuel industry powering energy storage units.

4). The fossil fuel industry powering the national grid

My economic development is all about improving living standards, and the best way I see in accomplishing that all starts with job-opportunity, in a society where less than 50% of the population is employed won't be able to raise the living standards of the remaining 50% unemployed. The perfect vehicle for a sustainable economy is when everyone is engaged that needs to be employed. Once you eliminate unemployment, then the rest of economic development should fall in place like the domino effect. By solving Global Warming, the world's economy is stabilized, and each country should be capable of raising the living standards of everyone in their country. But to get to that point of fighting and ending Global Warming, remember that it is not a stationary fight but an always-moving global assault on the environment affected by Global Warming.

My understanding of how economic development works, I think, is simple, in any society or government-run country, being able to create employment for its citizens allows for taxes to be collected so that government can afford to support their citizens who are incapable of defending themselves and need government intervention to step in with that help. Most businesses can only employ a few thousand people if they are significant corporations; 4020 quantum-entangled DC battery technologies can create a global workforce while raising the standard of living of whoever comes in contact as an employee of Earth Batteries LLC since I know that I will have to establish manufacturing facilities worldwide if we are to end Global Warming. I have been very abrest of the current technologies for ending Global Warming cause if they exist, they are doing an excellent job at hiding them from the public.