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Who Or What Is Earth Batteries LLC?

That's is a good question, and the answer that I got may be a bit beyond your understanding when I say that earth batteries llc is a futuristic r&d research and developing manufacturing facility that will be the first one out of 3,144 manufacturing facilities in all 50 states and the us 14 territories.

Earth batteries llc is also a minority-owned black manufacturing for-profit business that will be the parent business of 8 new energy technologies that will eliminate our global warming crisis once and for all while ending our dependency on fossil fuels and introducing new battery technology.

Earth batteries llc was designed to support new battery technology that was designed and invented by the owner of this company, bradford l. Clark, and this new technology is 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology, which is powered using quantum physics technology.

Instead of the current known electrochemical reaction battery technologies, there may be some in the scientific community who may think that I am biting off more than I can handle, but it's not me so much as my battery technology is doing all the work I'm simply guiding the direction of this technology.

What makes earth batteries llc 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology pre-41st-century technology is its ability to use self-sustaining (autonomous) battery technology that no current battery technology is capable of producing this form of technology, and this form of tech is out of its current reach.

When comparing electrochemical reaction battery technology to 4020 quantum-entangled, dc battery technology is like comparing a rock to a bullet electrochemical reaction batteries are designed only to store energy, whereas 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology is designed to produce energy.

All batteries are electrochemical reaction-based are incapable of achieving self-sustaining (autonomous) technology since this technology is designed only for energy storage and nothing else, and while half of our energy production is dependent on energy storage, and when it becomes redundant.

Earth batteries llc was established to manufacture 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology that was designed to end our dependency on fossil fuels, end c02 emissions, and end the global warming crisis. With no current technology capable of solving our global warming crisis, what is our alternative?

You can't end global warming with conversation alone. You must build the technology that will accomplish this efficiently without causing new problems while trying to solve global warming following are 8 technologies designed to eliminate the fossil fuel industry out of these energy markets.

1. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Technology

2. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Microgrids For Homes & Small Businesses

3. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Xfcs (Extreme Fast Charging Stations)

4. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Xfcs Plug-ins

5. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Powering New Electric Vehicles

6. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Batteries Electrifying A New Electric Aviation Industry

7. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Storage Units

8. 4020 Quantum-entangled Dc Battery Microgrids Replaces The National Grid

Once earth batteries llc has established each of these 8 energy-producing markets, global warming and finally become a manageable situation since these 8 industries are also 8 new energy markets will be incorporated in all 50 us states and their 14 territories.

Bringing each of these technologies to all 50 states has the potential to create over 16 million new careers and job opportunities that will rejuvenate the us industries. My 8 new energy markets will make the us the center of worldwide manufacturing for the next 500 hundred years.

Having a 20 year headstart, america can advance its technology to equal that of a pre-41st-century base society, and when using 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technologies will completely change how energy-producing technology will change now and in the future based on my 8 new energy markets.

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