Before I start, let me inform you who I am and what my company is about. You can refer to me as an Environmentalist, a Futuristic Visionary, an Inventor/Designer, a Forward- thinking problem-solving individual, and the creator of pre-41st century 4020 quantum- entangled direct current battery microgrid technology. My company, Earth Batteries LLC, is the first Black minority-owned energy-producing and create an all-electric transportation industry

What you won't read hardly too much of is about Renewables energies; even though my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology is a Renewable energy in itself, it has a gap of several millennia that separates the current Renewables from my Renewable 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies. The current Renewables can't 100% replace fossil fuels in every one of their energy markets, but mine can and will.

It may sound futuristic when I tell you about pre-41st century battery technology that I have designed, and since I don't believe I'll be around in the 41st century, my best bet is to bring the 41st century to me. And I accomplished this by creating advanced battery technology that possibly was designated to be discovered in the 41st century, and any more of a time leap even farther into the future would start to sound like the beginnings of a sci-fi movie.

If you ask me where I am getting my information, it comes from the current battery knowledge and the trajectory that this technology is so far headed. All battery technology is based on electrochemical reaction battery technology, and with over 50 million known chemicals will generate around 300 billion different chemical combinations that could take how many millennia to try every variety while seeking the holy grail in electrochemical reaction battery technology that will never come.

When I began to design the new battery technology that I wanted, I knew that I couldn't follow the current electrochemical reaction battery technology since it's not a self-sustaining stainability technology, which forced me to look for an alternative battery technology that doesn't exist. In designing my new battery technology, I had to create it so none of its technologies ran parallel to any part of the electrochemical reaction battery technologies.

I could only come up with one alternative energy resource to replace electrochemical reaction battery technology, and still, no current technology exists, leaving me to create and design the technology and then the science to explain the technology involved in my new battery technology. The science involved in batteries incorporates several fields in quantum physics technology, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and relativistic mechanics.

And since no current science based on my technology exists, this is an all-new field of science and technology. Making myself the current expert in science and technology based on my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology. As I said in the beginning, with over 50 million known chemicals, how long do any of them believe it will take before they use all 300 billion different chemical combinations in seeking out the perfect battery, especially when science moves at the pace of a snail.

And if I had said that my battery technology may even supersede the 65th century, and only after finally designing my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology was I shockingly astonished to see the results of my battery designs. And it took an extra three years of research to ensure that my battery technology is all original battery designs, science, and technology based solely on my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology.

I had initially created my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology basically to replace gasoline, but as my battery technology continued to develop, so did the versatility of my battery's continuously evolving technology to its final evolution from not just replacing gasoline, but replacing the entire fossil fuel industry as our primary energy provider. Therefore, I have designed my battery technology to address every aspect of fossil fuels as our primary energy provider.

And with the fossil fuel industry has played a significant role as the primary cause of Global Warming my research, along with their own knowledge what the processing and burning of fossil fuels 24 hours a day for the past 150 years with no days off just constantly processing and burning fossil fuels to create all our energy demands you would think after 150 years they would have come up with a solution to end Global Warming at least 50 years ago, but they got nothing.

But luckily, I do, and my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology will eliminate the entire fossil fuel industry related to energy production, forcing them out of the energy-producing sector sooner than they expected. As for a solution to solving Global Warming, I have systematically devised my batteries to take over those energy markets created by the fossil fuel industry. But unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry never thought it would have any serious competition.

By now, everyone should be aware of or have heard something about Global Warming disguised as climate change. But even as a misnomer, no one knows how to stop climate change without destroying the planet's rotation that causes the different climates around the world. They currently have Solar panels, wind turbines, storage batteries, and the national grid to fight Global Warming, but all the weather events are becoming more extreme from cooking the atmosphere, the lands, and the oceans.

There will be no ending for the Global Warming crisis without first breaking the back of the fossil fuel industry and breaking it so that it can't recover while being squeezed out by more advanced and less expensive technology such as the nine listed below. But, unfortunately, there is no current technology with the capabilities and the versatility of my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies that will take Global Warming and fight back directly against the fossil fuel industry

1. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery technology

2. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids for homes & small businesses

3. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid XFCS (Extreme Fast Charging Stations)

4. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid XFCS Plug-ins

5. Electric Vehicles powered by 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology

6. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current batteries microgrids electrifying a new electric aviation industry

7. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids replacing units

8. National Grid replaced by 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery-powered microgrids

9. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids to convert cargo ships to all-electric systems or build my own cargo ship fleet line

The Main Purpose Of My Crowdfunding/Pre-Registering Campaign.

It's said that there are 800,000 Black investors in the United States, and I have to get all their attention, particularly at the same time. I think the only way to accomplish that is with 70,000 potential customers pre-registering to show these Black investors to immediately get on board, and by my calculations, 70,000 pre-registered customers will generate around 5 million, and by using those 70,000 pre-registered customers as working collateral will make it easier for Black investors to participate.

If they know that each of their 5 million dollar investment is guaranteed an ROI of every 70,000 pre-registered, I will be able to increase the time of ROI, allowing for more than a one-time investment of 5 million dollars, but assets of 3,173 increments at 5 million dollars totally around $ 15.865 billion ROI. And as my business in energy production for homes, small businesses, and small manufacturing factories, and at 3,173 needed manufacturing facilities, you, as customers, can also become investors.

I am launching my own crowdfunding/pre-registering campaign to fund the first of 3,173 manufacturing facilities out of 222.1 million + customers, and 47.8 million customers are Black Americans. I am directing Black America to be the first to participate since this affects all of Black America, unlike any other technology ever done to support Black America's past. My new battery technology has been designed to be Black America's BOOTSTRAPS, which Black America has always been told to pull ourselves up by.

For the 3,173 manufacturing facilities, I need to provide my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids to 222.1 million + customers; they aren't just going to materialize out of thin air, and that is the purpose of my Crowdfunding/Pre-registering campaign. The longer it takes for each of you to pre-register is increasing the time for me to get my manufacturing facility operational, and all that time in between is money out of your pocket that you will never be able to get back.

Each of my nine industries will better enrich Black Americans' lives by ending the wage gap between Black America and America, but this won't happen for you, your children, or your generations to come if each of you isn't bold enough to under the most incredible opportunity offered to you. Do your own research to see if Black America has ever had in the past 400 years the right set of circumstances of this magnitude to change Black America forever and will remain in our hands.

Earth Batteries LLC's Mission Statement

There are several missions of Earth Batteries LLC to advance Black America, for years all I heard was Black people need to pull themselves up by their own BOOTSTRAPS, most Black people don't even know what that means and this from a young told me that Black America were on their own. And only Black America could save Black America, but Black America lacked primarily two things that will change the current course that Black America is headed with no sustainability in sight.

These two things, one new advanced science and technology that no one else has and its ability to support all of Black America, but science and technology won't do it by itself especially if one doesn't know how to take full advantage and exploit it for all its worth. And our "own" industrial manufacturing infrastructure is curcial for Black America to finally be able to step up and claim their position in the world's economy while continuing to continiously supporting Black America.

The mission of Earth Batteries LLC was to end our dependency on gasoline, then evolved to eliminating fossil fuels as our primary energy providers. But Earth Batteries LLC kept evolving to the point stop C02 emissions and end the Global Warming crisis. As advanced as my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology was still continiously evolving to speed up the demise of the fossil fuel as the worlds primary energy provider.

And in this process of ending Global Warming by elimating our dependency on fossil fuels as our primary energy provider, I also plan to raise the overall sustainability of Black America by creating job and career opportunities for all of Black America where seeking employment will always available, and training will also be provided to those who apply for on the job training. And because of my advanced battery technology, Scholarships in STEM will also be provided.