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Quantum Entangled DC Batteries

Help preserve our environment while supplying
your own electrical needs. Earth Batteries LLC will offers the most environmentally-friendly Quantum Entangled DC Batteries powered by an evolutionary uninterrupted energy sources, quantum mechanics.


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Learning Who We Are and What We Are Going To Do At Earth Batteries LLC 

Earth Batteries LLC is the first Minority-Owned R&D (Research and Development) battery manufacturing company. The main focus of this company will be devoted to our new battery Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology which until now, was beyond anyone's intellectual reach. What anyone would think about batteries, and how they work when compared to our Quantum Entangled DC Batteries a bit like alien technology, but we think of it as 22nd-century technology. In designing this technology the goal was to design a battery that would replace the need to use fossil fuel (gasoline) in our vehicles, But what we ended up with was a battery that would make all current state-of-the-art in battery technology obsolete. We don't take this word obsolete likely, because in designing this technology we were able to see exactly what this technology would be capable of achieving.

Unlike all other battery technologies, Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology is the battery technology that is 100% energy efficiency, and we can say this because all of batteries are self-sustaining 0% energy loss. And with this 0% energy loss, our goals have changed to include ending Global Warming which we were currently incapable of doing. We see that anything dependent on electricity can be powered from our Quantum Entangled DC Batteries. Quantum Entangled DC Batteries were designed without the basic three components that all current batteries need to create an electric current: an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte. Without these three components allowed us to use that space for our multi-fluctuating magnetic fields, and it also allow our batteries to basically have no size restrictions to our batteries.

For those of you who still don't  understand  the ramifications of our Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology, we have designed a new way to produce energy (electricity) that is superior to every known way of producing energy. And because of this technology a new energy evolution is about to take place, it has been determined that the evolution of a civilization can be based on how that civilization produces energy. With Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology we leap centuries forward from a electrochemical reaction, and fossil fuel dependent civilization into a quantum physics energy based civilization. Even though a quantum physics energy based civilization is incomprehensible to understand it's still a reality if your only energy production comes from a quantum physics energy based civilization.

In creating this Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology to end our dependence on fossil fuels, we didn't realize that we were also creating the tools to end Global Warming, and C02 emissions because not liked all other batteries technologies, Quantum Entangled DC Batteries are all self-sustaining, and a standalone energy provider. Currently we are not in operations, but we our seeking funding through SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program NSF (National Science Foundation) Phase l Award grant. If awarded this SBIR NSF Phase l Award we plan to establish our main manufacturing facility in Sandusky, Ohio. Because of the versatility of our Quantum Entangled DC Batteries we have also applied this technology for (6) other grants that our Quantum Entangled DC Batteries will enhance different areas of energy (electricity) production.  

These following (6) topics are the titles of our grants that are all based on our Quantum Entangled DC Battery technologies. Each designed to end our will  dependency on fossil fuels in their own way. With the versatility of Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology each individual grant proposal in its own way combat (6) of the major ways in which we depend on fossil fuels daily in providing us with the energy (electricity) that we demand. It is time to leave all fossil fuels in the ground where they belong. With the fossil fuel industry controlling anywhere from 86.8% to 100% of all the total energy markets means they will continue to produce, and process fossil fuel with no concerns for Global Warming, and its effects on the rest of the world. Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology is the roadblock, and the death of fossil fuels industry.

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