There was only one form of battery technology that I ever knew of until I wanted decided to do the impossible, and that was to create a new battery technology. But in my reality, creating a new battery technology meant discarding the current battery technology and replacing it with something new.

You can't create new battery technology if you don't understand how the current battery technology works. Having all current battery technologies are presently based on electrochemical reaction battery technology, and the most specific aspect of this technology is it was designed to store energy (electricity).

Of the electrochemical reaction battery technologies, lithium-ion battery technology is the current official top battery technology that is still in its infancy. That will be leading the electric vehicle industry along with battery energy storage. The battery technology that I wanted to create didn't exist.

There is also talk about a so-called forever battery which I see as just another form of electrochemical reaction battery. A forever battery should never need charging since it should never lose its charge. But the word forever battery is a misrepresentation of the technology itself since it doesn't last forever.

And only that it didn't exist, but there were no theories, assumptions, and nothing relating to this subject matter, not even a hypothesis to lead one in the right direction to creating this form of technology. So everything relating to the technology in question is from my own research into this science.

Because I didn't want to create a new battery using the same technology in the current batteries (electrochemical reaction battery technology) meant that I had to find an alternative energy resource to power my battery technology, and the only technology I could see as an alternative are quantum physics.

And that's quantum physics technology, to be exact, and until I had finished designing this battery technology and producing a working prototype, I didn't see the possibility of creating self-sustaining (autonomous) battery technology. Since that wasn't part of my overall designs in creating new battery technology.

What I have done in designing my new battery technology is to try to duplicate our sun's ability to continue to produce energy for eons, but on a shorter level for my batteries. I designed my batteries to produce energy and not as a storage unit for the energy they will continually produce.

In designing my battery technology, I looked at the recycling procedure involved in recycling lithium-ion batteries and realized that I wanted my batteries 100% recyclable with zero-waste. So I designed my batteries to have a shelf-life from 25 years to 100 years if properly stored in the right conditions.

Designing new battery technology makes its advanced technology, and when I say my batteries will use advanced technology, I asked myself just how much advanced are my batteries, and I first thought several millennia, but now I believe that they are at least one eon or 1 billion years and I don't say this lightly.

Understanding just how advanced my 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology is, has led me to discover that only the truest form of space flight and space exploration is electromagnetic propulsion as the only fuel and power source needed and a power source that is capable of harnessing infinite energy.

I have designed a whole space program designed around my 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology to mine the asteroid belt, all the satellites and planets, and the kuiper belt. And while mining both belts, I plan to build 100 + stories 60 mile radius space stations since I don't plan to go the way of the dinosaurs.

My battery technolgy, 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology was designed to be the last battery ever needed since it has the ability to create infinite energy while being capable of being built to any size from a couple of centimeters to a radius of over 60 miles if an application ever called for that size.

I asked the world experts, where is the technology that's going to end global warming, and you will hear crickets?

Ask the experts on global warming where is the technology that's going to end global warming and you will see a lot of people standing around scratching their heads trying to look like they're about to say something intelligent, but the only thing you will hear is crickets.

I have designed my battery technology to fight and end global warming. My 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technologies are designed to systematically squeeze the fossil fuel industry out of the energy markets that they created. I designed 8 new energy markets that the fossil fuel industry can't compete.

I'll say it because no one else will say it, but I'll challenge any other technology designed to fight and end global warming to compare their technologies against my 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technologies that anyone can read about here on my website. My technology can only end global warming at your pace.

At your pace means the 50,000 financial supporters needed to get the first of 3,144 manufacturing facilities becoming operational. I can't manufacture my 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery microgrids for homes and small businesses and then lower everyone's monthly energy (electric) bill by 20% each month.

1. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology

2. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery microgrids for homes & small businesses

3. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery xfcs (extreme fast charging stations)

4. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery xfcs plug-ins

5. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology powering electric vehicles

6. 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries electrifying a new electric aviation industry

7. 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries replacing energy storage units

8. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery microgrids replaced the national grid


Sustainability, economic development, environmental, and social (profits, planet, and people) 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technologies will touch these three categories easily. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technologies as tools to assist people in ending their dependency on fossil fuels.

And by ending our dependency on fossil fuels, ending c02 emissions, and global warming. And this will bring to the forefront of what I see as the number one critical issue of this century. It's all hands on deck when it comes time to fight and end global warming, but if the right tools aren't present, nothing will happen.

Before I had designed my battery technology, I wouldn't have given a snowball's chance of surviving in hell of us having a chance of ending global warming. But 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology makes it all possible. Using my battery technologies worldwide will end global warming at a faster pace than a dream.

For a fact, no matter how bad global warming gets, no country or government will ban fossil usage or production. At least a suitable alternative has been discovered. And before my discovery, I saw nothing that would head off a runaway greenhouse effect from happening and change the face of our planet.

As far as economic development goes, economic growth will remain stagnant when a country can't produce its own energy resources. To end global warming means that everyone must use the same technology designed explicitly for the task. Nothing is taken from your current system if you are fossil fuel dependent.

Once connected to 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery microgrids in your homes and small businesses, you can say goodbye to the fossil fuel industry as your energy (electricity) provider, and if you choose to go all-electric, then you can rid yourself of a monthly gas bill without increase your monthly electric bill.

My goal is to end global warming, and my customer base is well over 222.2 million +, customers which will make it impossible to ship that many microgrids all across america and america's 14 territories. And this only leaves me one alternative, and that is to manufacture my microgrids in all 50 states.

But not only will I have to manufacture my microgrids in every state, but I will also have to break manufacturing down to include all 3,144 counties, parishes, boroughs, and its bringing manufacturing to its 14 territories. Since global warming isn't a stationary event means, the only way to fix it is to go worldwide.

As for the environment, if it hasn't been made apparent, nothing is more dangerous than a runaway greenhouse effect where all future storms are category ten or higher events. 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology is designed to end global warming before we get to the point of no return.

Once we enter the point of no return in the runaway greenhouse effect, there is no coming back, at least not in our lifetime. So, I am not only here to promote my 4020 quantum-entangled dc battery microgrids but also the rest of my technologies that are all designed to help end our global warming crisis.

4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology was designed to have the versatility of fossil fuels. But instead of burning fossil fuels to create energy, my batteries will use the natural environment to create limitless energy with no kind of side-effect or produce any dangerous by-products.

Safe Energy Resource

With lithium-ion batteries being the top of battery efficiency for storing energy is the best so far, but, when compared to 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries, the difference is that 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries doesn't store energy, but instead they creates energy (electricity) to be exact.

Whatever the chemical makeup that's incorporated into the electrochemical reaction batteries, thermal runaway is always a present possibility, whereas 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries will never be bothered with thermal runaway because they will never store energy and will only create electricity when needed.

The current battery technology is contingent on the amount of its energy density. But with 4020 quantum-entangled dc batteries, energy density is obsolete technology when my batteries no longer store energy but does the impossible by manufacturing it own energy (electricity) resource.

Imagine flying an all-electrical passenger plane where the batteries used would never run out of energy (electricity), making the technology used to charge the batteries redundant and antiquated technology which means that air travel by passenger airliners of 800 passengers can fly to any place in the world.

4020 quantum-entangled dc battery technology is designed to manufacture energy (electricity), and with this energy (electricity), not one single electron is used to power the battery in any way possible. All the energy (electricity) created using my batteries will be devoted to the energy-dependent technology.

Is the earth melting due to global warming?

Not really, but we are cooking our atmosphere, our landmasses, and our seas and oceans that are affecting all extreme weather events needed to cause global warming since we are still continuing to burn fossil fuels. Everyone knows the fossil fuel industry caused global warming shouldn't they have a solution?

I realized that if the fossil fuel industry doesn't have a viable strategy after about 150 years of processing and burning fossil fuel to cure global warming, which their own researchers knew how burning fossil fuels was going to affect the worlds environment. And why I want to destroy their entire industry.

Global warming is happening every minute of the day with no time off. We can't stop global warming if we are still using fossil fuels as our primary energy provider. And since it seems as if global warming is supposed to solve itself, the question then becomes, why is it waiting? Because nothing is happening and won't happen.

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