Quantum Entangled DC Batteries Are 100% Energy Efficiency Eco-Friendly Self-Sustaining Batteries Powered By Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, And Relativistic Mechanics That Will Create a Limitless Uninterrupted Energy Sources Starting In Sandusky, OH

Reducing  your carbon footprint is simple, just stop using fossil fuels, but until now that was impossible to do based on the current technology. It's not the responsibility of the customer

not a easy thing to do, but at Earth Batteries LLC we want to help you. We have designed a battery that is based on Quantum mechanics. There is nothing currently, nothing about to come out, and nothing in research & development that is equal to our battery, We believe that the technology involved in our Quantum batteries will be the energy that will take us well into the 22nd century.and we use the name battery loosely for the purpose of giving reference to a product that somewhat describes ours.The true name for our product is SSUPU ( Self-Sustaining Uninterrpted Power Unit, but by calling it a battery is easier. All batteries contain  toxic, or hazardous chemicals, except Earth Batteries. We are truly the most eco-friendly battery compared to what's being sold today


EARTH BATTERIES                      ACID BATTERIES                         LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES


  1.chemical free                          1. needs a chemical                         1. needs a chemical

  2.environmentally                           reaction                                          reaction

     friendly / green                        2. short shelf life                              2. needs daily recharging

  3.self-sustaining                            even when using                           3. hazardous toxic chemicals

  4.uninterruped                               rechargeables                              4. lithium is flammable

     shelf life                                  3. hazardous toxic                          5. leakage,and can cause

  5.stand alone                                chemicals                                       explosions

  6.evolutionary                            4.over 2 century old                         6. can only be recycled to

  7.adaptable for                              invention                                         make itself

     any application                       5.leakage,and can

  8.mobility                                      explosions

  9.it will pay for                           6.can only be recycled

     itself                                           to make itself                                                                                                                                                  

10.helps to reduce

     the greenhouse


11.100% recyclable


We have designed our batteries along the same principal as solar panels with several major exception, solar panels stop working when there is no more sun. This is where our batteries start to differ from solar panels, ours stop working only when you want them to stop. As solar panels help reduce your energy bills, Earth Batteries wants to eliminate your monthly bills plus put money back into your own pockets.

There is nothing bad that we can say about our product only because we couldn't find anything to complain about. But we will wait to hear from our future customers, you tell us what you think. Isn't this everything we said it was? 


And as for Hydrogen Fuel Cells it has many consumer defects at this present time in its development, and the true verdict is still out on this for now.



Industrial Machinery for Renewable Energy Sources

The Earth Battery? 

A container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power " battery power", well that's Old School Technology right along with the impressive lithium batteries, more old technology. Earth Batteries LLC is on the cutting edge of redefining what a battery is, and how it is suppose to operate. Our evolutionary product called SSUPU ( Self - Sustaining Uninterrupted Power Unit ) will supply energy without the need for plug-ins, no need for additives, and no hazardous chemicals. Earth Batteries are a true stand alone product. You can use it just like any other type of battery, with one exception, all other batteries will need to be either recharged, or replaced. Earth Batteries fall in neither category. Our batteries will work when you need them to work with no time limit on its power strength, and longevity. Earth Batteries will works with all battery-operated products.

Safe Energy Source

First of its kind, the Earth Battery offers incomparable ecological and economical benefits. Unlike any batteries that we are familiar with today, such as acid, lithium, and hydrogen fuel cells, the Earth Battery is free from all hazardous, and combustible chemicals.

Contact us in Sandusky, Ohio, for our innovative approach for batteries powered by a self sustaining energy source.