Earth Batteries

Because of how my batteries are designed, it allows me to create battery arrays of over 60 miles, but it's not 60 miles of energy storage, it's 60 miles of energy production. No one can even comprehend or imagine what a 60 mile battery array of energy-producing technology as in one enormous closed circuit. From nanoscale to having a circumference of over 60 miles, each time the size of my batteries changes, so does that batteries parameters change can create a new battery.

The current battery technologies, including any new batteries, are based on a single principle of science, electrochemical reaction battery technologies. And outside of my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology, this is just an endless repetition of electrochemical reaction battery technologies. And with over 50 million known chemicals finding that one chemical combination that will create the perfect 100% energy density battery won't be produced by an electrochemical reaction battery.

4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology is battery technology from the future, and how far into the future do I estimate it to be around, at a minimum of two millennia. In designing this battery technology, I wanted to create the last, or the hardest, battery to replace with more advanced (battery) technology. No longer restricted by the technology involved in electrochemical reactions battery technology allowed me to seek out new energy alternatives.

My 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery technology transcends what is currently known about battery technology after the time of electrochemical reaction battery technology, even now can't be comprehended by the present-day scientific community. With electrochemical reaction battery technology still in its infancy, it reduces the advancement in battery technology since lithium-ion batteries are considered the best batteries on the market.

And with over 50 million known chemicals that can create over 300 billion chemical combinations, I'm assuming that after about 300 hundred attempts of creating the perfect electrochemical reaction battery, and with the pace for new battery discoveries will increase by fiftyfold based on the 300 billion possible chemical combinations. But I realized that more than electrochemical reaction batteries would be required to replace fossil fuels energy until I remembered they need their own energy to work.

4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids are pre-41st century super- advanced battery technology that does what no other battery technology is capable of performing, and that is incorporating self-sustaining (autonomous, meaning that they produce or manufacture their own electricity) so instead of storing energy, they can only make energy. But, again, no current battery technology is designed to accomplish this using electrochemical reaction battery technology.

The current battery technology comprises Cathodes, Anodes, Electrolytes, Cell containers, and Separators, which will be absent in my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies. In designing my new battery technology, I went in an entirely different direction from current battery technology by several millennia to use quantum physics as the primary energy resource. This means the entire system must be designed to support and control a small section of quantum mechanics.

In creating my new battery technology, I realized that this battery would have to act as a bridge between quantum mechanics, meaning to bring an infinite energy resource solely comprised of atoms and subatomic particles that, through my science and technology, will tap into unlimitless energy resources. Furthermore, because of my battery designs, they do what no present-day battery science or technology can create their own power, namely electricity.

Just as the fossil fuel industry created its own paradigm shift that has lasted for the past 143 years and just a little past one century and a half in human development and growth. A new paradigm shift is knocking at the door, laying claim to the energy production made by the previous fossil fuel technology; this paradigm shift will last over a million years. 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology will change our conception of energy-producing technology.

Economic Development

As Black Americans, and I mean all of Black America, have never had economic development on a scale capable of supporting all 47.8 million + Black Americans and probably would have never had if I hadn't designed new battery technology that even supersedes all forms of fossil fuels as an alternative energy-producing technology. And even if no one outside of Black America accepts my new battery technology, it will still place Black America at several millennia's advantage and advancements.

My 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology will create over 100% of economic development for Black America in five years than America has made in the last 300 hundred years. And having the most advanced energy-producing technology currently in the world will make all other energy-producing technologies obsolete, including all electrochemical reaction battery technologies. I don't include Renewables (solar and wind) since they are only designed for energy storage.

As for economic development, my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies, my first business-related economic development, will involve 3,173 manufacturing facilities that just happen to be the same number of counties in the US to provide 222.1 million potential customers the ability to lower their monthly energy (electric) bills back to their original 2021 state monthly energy (electric) rates, and then locking that account so as long as they are a customer it will never increase.

My 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids for homes and small businesses, which I also recognize will include small manufacturing factories of less than 100 workers, wanting to participate in reducing their monthly energy (electric) bills. While creating economic development throughout all 3,173 counties, parishes, boroughs, and provinces that want this economic growth brought to their communities. Which won't allow any Black-Owned manufacturing facilities in their counties.

Just this one industry that my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids for homes, small businesses, and small manufacturing factories will create in a combination of over two million new careers and job opportunities in all 50 states. Within the American workforce, Black America only makes up 13% of that workforce, but in a Black America, we can create a 100% Black workforce and create our "own" wealth throughout all of our Black communities.

Sustainability Development

When you can control all your "own" energy needs, then you can no longer be controlled by others since it will be impossible to stop your ability to access all the energy you will ever need. And as the demand for more energy worldwide grows, we, as Black Americans, won't be affected. And since I see it as almost impossible to develop, a new battery technology to supersede my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology leaves me to say, good luck with that.

Global Warming Solutions If There Is One

I was going to ask the world experts about what it would take to end Global Warming and realized that they had no answer to that question since they have yet to step up with their alternative solutions. Or they would have already implemented their processes. And what I have found is dismal for as something as urgent as one would believe Global Warming is to the world. Eliminating Global Warming all comes down to a new alternative energy resource, which I have to happen to design.

Only by changing our current primary energy resource can we adequately affect the Global Warming crisis, and it won't be if we continue to skirt around the edges of Global Warming instead of directly attacking. The fossil fuel industry's initial cause of Global Warming is the processing and burning of fossil fuels. And what the fossil fuel industry wants you all to believe is that solar and wind will eventually replace fossil fuels as our primary energy provider in about 40 to 50 years from now.

For every aspect of the fossil fuel industry used as an energy provider, I have designed my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies to supersede the entire energy production created by the fossil fuel industry. The only thing that the fossil fuel industry is doing for its customers is when they raise their customer's monthly state energy (electric) rate. In contrast, my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology is designed to save our potential customers severe savings.

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