As of now, in 2023, you all should've had the time to take a good look at your new 2023 monthly energy (electric), which should have raised by at least 60% by now, and this doesn't include your monthly gas bills. In one year, if I get the needed potential customers to pre-register, I will generate enough funding to put a down payment on a manufacturing facility, have enough working capital and startup costs to keep us operational for at least two years, but I expect to be manufacturing after one year.


My customer incentive package is designed to encourage Black America to pre-register to be the first to lower their monthly energy (electric) bills. And this will take a while since I still have to have my manufacturing facilities built or renovate old buildings to serve as manufacturing facilities. However, I expect to have my first of the 3,173 manufacturing facilities operational in under two years. With 222.1 million + customers, I aim to stay ahead of customer demand.

A). Reduce their monthly energy (electric) bills by 20%, and use 2021 energy (electric) rates for whatever state you reside in. And when compared to your 2021 monthly state energy (electric), your new 2023 monthly energy (electric) bill will save you, the customer, about 60% on your monthly electric bills.

B). Allow our customers to go all-electric in their homes and small businesses to eliminate their monthly gas bill.

C). Lock our customer's new monthly energy (electric) bills in so that as long as they remain loyal customers' their monthly energy bills will never increase no matter what their state energy rate rises too.

D). With the current national grid, there are a million spots where an interruption can stop electricity transmission, put them in the dark, and remember extreme weather events that we can blame on the Global Warming crisis. And 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids make the customers their "own" power station.

E). Not to mention, with 3,173 manufacturing facilities needing employees while creating new careers and job opportunities and closing the wage gap between white America and Black America.

First, I want all of my would-be potential customers to know that you are investing in your near (meaning under 3 years) future ability to lower and lock your monthly energy (electric) bills. But before lowering everyone's monthly energy bills, I must build the technology to accommodate this service and task. No one will be able to receive my customer incentive package without first pre-registering with an advanced one-time payment of their new first month's account or your 2021 state monthly electric rate.

No one will be able to receive my customer incentive package without first pre- registering with their one-time advanced first month's payment or your 2021 state monthly electric bill. So I'm looking forward to generating $ 5 million for every 70,000th pre-registered customer. These will be the funds needed to establish one new manufacturing facility, and once I pre-register my first 70,000th customers, Black investors should speed up the number of manufacturing facilities I can bring online to service all 222.1 million customers.

The site below is each of your 2021 state's monthly energy (electric) bills, where you can compare your old 2021 electric bills to your new 2023 electric bills to see the savings that you save pre-registering and becoming a customer of Earth Batteries LLC, and future possibly potential employee.

By clicking on the Paypal button, you will be redirected to the Paypal payment page, where you can pre-register, including your needed information; you will be placed in the first of many groups to follow to begin saving on your monthly energy (electric) bills. So by going all-electric in your homes, small businesses, and small manufacturing facilities that eventually everyone will pre-register for the saving alone, it all comes down to what group position each of you wants to be in.