Our vision, or my vision both being the same, is to relieve the entire fossil fuel industry of its role as the world's primary energy provider by taking control of the energy markets it had created. And once after making serious inroads into my nine energy and transportation industries, I would have already begun preparations to begin my "own" space program for mining the Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, and all the moons, satellites, and dwarf planets.

Using my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrids as the primary energy source. From my observations, unlike all the existing space programs, they have yet to progress that much using more advanced technology. All the new technologies incorporated into my space program will be based on the energy of my 4020 quantum- entangled direct current battery microgrid technologies. When using advanced energy-producing technology, all technologies used will also become advanced.

Each of the following 15 sectors will find its roots in my 4020 quantum-entangled direct current battery microgrid technology, and this is the difference between the existing space programs and the more advanced space program that my battery technology will advance space exploration and space science as a more hands-on instead of studying space from a distance, but to actually go into space as an astronaut.

A. Fuel (Using electricity as an exotic energy resource)
B. Delivery System
C. Transportation
D. Astronaut Training
E. Life Support Systems
F. Spacesuits
G. Artificial Gravity
H. Artificial Magnetosphere
I. Escape Pods
J. Space Station Oversize
K. Space Port Shipbuilding Yard
L. Hydroponics & Horticulture
M. Living Quarters N. Tourism
O. Space Mining
P. Robotic Welders