Our Vision

Our vision for Earth Batteries LLC is a simple one, we plan to be the sole energy provider to the entire world once we eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels, and its ability to control 80% of all energy markets. And while they control that percentage of the energy market they don't plan to relinquish any of their control, so that means that they have to be forced out of existence by more  advanced technology. With the versatility of Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology it will allow us to systematically enter each of the (6) energy markets and begin our take that market over. We have designed technology based on, and around our Quantum Entangled DC Batteries that will allow us maximum penetration of each energy market.

Currently our goal for Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology is to set a path forward to enter (6) different energy markets, and once there begin to dominate those markets, but to get us there we are attempting to seek Federal Funding through the NSF (National Science Foundation). We hope to get (6) different individual grants that are all based on our Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology. The following are the (6) project proposals that we hope that all these (6) proposals are funded since we realize you can't  fight Global Warming just in one area alone and expect Global Warming to dissipate. Global Warming encompasses such a large field that it has to be broke down in sections, and that is what we have done with our Quantum Entangled DC Battery technology.


1.)  Proposal # 7952507  Quantum Entangled DC Battery Technology                                                                                                                                                        This technology is designed to replace all batteries dependent on electricity for recharging.                                                                                                           2.) Proposal # 7952855 Quantum Entangled DC Battery Microgrids                                                                                                                                                          Our Quantum Entangled DC Battery Microgrids are designed for customer's individual usage, while allowing that customer to save 33% on their monthly              home energy (electric) bill no matter what their individual state energy rate is at.                                                                                                                          3.) Proposal # 7953216 Quantum Entangled DC Battery Microgrid  XFCS (Extreme Fast Charging Station)